Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |

Campus: Prairie Lakes, Noblesville, IN

Some people find peace through reading a book. Some take a walk. Others listen to music, work in their garden, or even meditate. Judy M. rode her bike. Every day Judy could be found happily pedaling to wherever she needed to go. Since she defeated cancer in 2007, Judy M. has had fewer chances to ride. It has been her dream for some time to get back on a bike and feel the wind in her hair. The staff at Prairie Lakes Health Campus all agreed that Judy deserved to have her dream fulfilled. They rented 3 surrey bikes for Judy and her friends, and the group rode 3 ½ miles around White State Park, enjoying the scenery and each other’s company. Judy M. savored every moment with a smile on her face. To others battling cancer, she gives this advice: “Grasp every minute and enjoy the life you have!”