Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |

Campus: Ashford Place Health Campus, Shelbyville IN

It was a Christmas dream-come-true! Maevern F. loves hot air balloons, but has never been up in one. So, after the annual resident Christmas party at Ashford Place Health Campus, there was a special gift waiting for Maevern. She was bundled into her warmest clothes, and then taken for a special tour of Shelbyville – in her own personal hot air balloon! Maevern launched a parachute over the side of the balloon and pointed out Shelbyville landmarks, commenting on how different the town looked from 1,700 feet in the air. People waved, cars stopped and Maevern could see people staring into the sky watching her! She spent over an hour in the air amongst the clouds. When she landed, she was greeted by the police and fire departments and a crowd of admirers. Hot air balloons don't land in Shelbyville very often. Maevern was the talk of the town for the evening! A special thanks to Tony Sandlin of Midwest Balloon Rides for a safe, fun and beautiful balloon ride. What a dream come true!