Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |

Campus: Scenic Hills Care Center, Ferdinand, IN

At 91 years old, Schaaf W. had never ridden a roller coaster. Then, one morning as he was reading the newspaper at Scenic Hills Care Center, Schaaf came across an article touting Holiday World’s latest, greatest roller coaster, Thunderbird. While studying Thunderbird’s various loops, spirals, and drops, Schaaf made a promise aloud to himself, saying, “I will ride that.” The staff at Scenic Hills made sure that he got his chance! Schaaf, accompanied by his son and reporters from the local paper, traveled to Holiday World where he delivered on his promise. Father and son strapped themselves in and were taken on the ride of a lifetime. Thank you to the Scenic Hills staff, who helped Schaaf prove that it is never too late to try new and exciting things!